Sensor fusion for
borderless analysis

Advanced exploration, amplified results: our solutions automate surveys,
capturing up to 80% more critical data.

Who we are

In Xplora, we transform the invisible into visible.
Our exclusive system of sensor fusion and artificial intelligence digitizes territories and assets with revolutionary precision, offering a
three-dimensional view of the ground and subsoil.
This isn’t just an advanced inspection; it’s access to a deep and detailed understanding of the environment.


What we make

We are transforming territorial analysis with artificial intelligence.
Our advanced software, combined with high-precision sensors mounted on our drones an unprecedented understanding of structures and infrastructures, both above ground and underground.
As certified EASA operators, we guarantee a complete service.

Our advantages

We collect up to
80% more data

We reduce survey
capex by up to 70%

We fully
automate surveys

We integrate
multisensorial data

We prioritaze
problem managment

We deliver a constantly
accessible digital twin


Where we operate




Civil applications

What sets us apart

How to collaborate with us

Request Xplora's full-service

Call-off contract, our technicians take care of surveying, flight permits, data processing, data analysis, and digital reporting endorsed by certified professionals

Buy our drones and systems

Selling fleets of drones integrated with necessary sensors, onboard computing, automatic mission planning software, and data processing through AI. We also provide training courses for system use

Integrate with our software

In case the customer owns a fleet of drones, our hardware and software can be easily integrated. This ensures our customers to get the maximum data analysis from their own drones

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